contrarius – contra, gegen.] Have they ever argued for or against the same thing at different times and set precedents to prove opposing views? On the contrary, you can run 404 checks to find pages that no longer work to make sure they are redirected to the right page. reaffirm the opposite; so contradictory that they destroy each other; His logic was the exact opposite of mine. On the contrary, we have not agreed on the two proposals that have been submitted to us. «Mary Mary on the contrary»; «a stubborn child with a violent temperament»; «a perverse mood»; «Stubborn behavior» Mrs. Pontellier was not a woman who gave confidence, a quality that previously contradicted her nature. This is a problem that has never been solved, and in this way there is a contrary opinion of the Department of Justice, I think he could be charged even if the trial is postponed. The opposite word also exists in many other languages. You may find that many of these words sound and resemble the opposite word. Parents like these occur when words have the same origin. Since the word comes opposite of Latin, it makes sense that it resembles its equivalent words in romance languages, which are also languages of Latin origin.

This list of translations for the opposite word is provided by Word Sense. I cannot sit idly by when these provisions are being slipped into an otherwise excellent bill through sneaky maneuvers that run counter to our democratic process. Contrary to what you might assume about me, I actually enjoy the occasional trip to the mall. No, on the contrary, only a fraction of this country, a part that I would call the best in Italy, is against the mafia. An opposite child is one who opposes people in positions of authority. As a name, the opposite means the opposite, as in «We will not give up; on the contrary, we will fight with all our might. The adjective contra is derived from the Latin contrarius («opposite, opposite») from contra («against»). Overall, the opposite word (ˈkɒntrərɪ) means to be in a relationship of direct opposition to someone or something. This could refer to opposite objects, an opposite direction, an opposite effect, or an opposing opinion, among other things. This word can be used as an adjective or noun. If someone is opposed to someone else, they may have an opposing point or opinion.

They could even be contradictory in unexpected ways. Today, try using the opposite word in a sentence to incorporate it into your vocabulary! On the contrary, perverse, restless, shy, stubbornly mean, inclined to resist authority or control. The opposite implies a capricious reluctance to accept orders or advice. A perverse child, on the contrary, may involve a false, determined or grumpy opposition to reasonable or normal. A perverse and persistent critic who is agitated suggests the reluctance or inability to submit to discipline or obey orders. Tired soldiers who become agitated indicate a refusal to proceed in the desired direction or course of action. A hesitant witness indicates a willful whim and irregularity in behavior. A school for stubborn teenagers Use the opposite when two things are exactly opposite or completely different. If something is in contrast to something else, it is against or against. It is not a cultural threat, on the contrary, it is an integration of our two societies, both culturally and economically. The wind when it is opposite the trajectory of a ship. «Cruel was the majestic ship that carried his love of Mary, and cruel was the beautiful wind that would not blow in the opposite direction.» According to Etymonline, the opposite word has been used as opposite Middle English since the mid-14th century.

This comes from the Contrarian Anglo-French, a successor to the opposite Old French, which comes directly from the Latin contrarius or Latin contrārius, which means opposite or opposite. This comes from the Latin contra meaning against. This word has been used as a name since the 13th century. The suffixes ly, ness, ies and ian can be added to the end of the word contrarium to make the related words contrarily (adv.), contraries, contrariness (n.) and contrarian (n.) as well as contravention. This word has Indo-European roots. This seems to contradict the spirit and intent of the law, which is primarily to centralize reserves in Federal Reserve banks. There are many different words that have the same meaning as the opposite word. These are called synonyms, which are words and phrases that have the same meaning as another word or phrase.

Synonyms are useful for knowing if you want to avoid repeating yourself or if you want to expand your vocabulary. This list of synonyms for the opposite word is provided by Thesaurus. The opposite word can be used in many different sentences in the English language. Using words in a sentence is a great way to learn how to define them. Try using that word of the day in a sentence today, or create flashcards or quizzes to remember the definition of the opposite word. .